Natalie Huth

Visual Artist

lives and works in Berlin, Germany

 2004 Diploma at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences faculty of illustration and design 




Since my childhood drawing has been my preferred tool of expression and it was the main medium in my studies of graphic arts. Up to the present it has still remained indispensable in my work. Besides drawing I make paper collages. Since 2016  I am working intensively on a series with material I find in vintage magazines and books. Another source of material is my collection of old photographs. Mostly anonymous snapshots I have been collecting for more than twelve years now. From this pool, originally intended as inspirational material for my drawings, I developed a series of digital photomontages, of mirrored images. 


Because of my passion for pencil and coal drawings I prefer the monochrome colour schemes, especially soft shades of grey and brown, of old photos and vintage prints. For me using colour with restraint means reducing to the essential. These vintage images are precious historic documents but this is not relevant for my work. I try to expand my visual vocabulary by searching for images that resonate with my inner processes. And for me the act of cutting  is like carving out hidden mysteries that reveal a universal truth.


The collage technique is very associative and imaginative. For me it is one of the most playful and inspiring techniques with a great creative potential. The possibility to switch quickly back and forth between various working steps ( endless searching, cutting, composing, reflecting and assembling ) corresponds to my restless mind. My studio is full of cut out images lying around waiting for transformation. I love to immerse  into different kind of settings simultaneously ( into a forest, a palace, a sleeping room, a volcano, a ship at sea, a church, a battlefield or the surface of another planet ...),  to choose the performers for the scenery, to conjure up a play and imagine dramas that could happen in those places. It is a magical and satisfying moment when pieces from diverse contexts fuses together as if they just had been waiting to unite ( like predetermined ) and something takes form that is substantial for me. 


"Das Unheimliche"- the Uncanny, the frightening of the seemingly familiar, a constant feeling of unease is a central theme of my work. Ghosts appear in the most lovely places. Our existence is a  great mystery, the line between happiness and desperation, between beauty and terror, between sanity and madness, is very thin. Everything can mutate very easily at any time. So I want my images to evoke discomfort. I am trying to compose an enigmatic surreal atmosphere like in fairy tales or dreams. As regards content, the focus of my work lies on human contradictions and chasms unveiled or behind facades. I want to narrate about the unspoken and the unacknowledged ( the skeletons in the closet and what is swept under the carpet). And also about the follies of human behavior, the longing for salvation, the hopelessness to escape death and the desperate effort to unravel this absurdity called existence.


I have always had a sensitive perception and a great imagination hand in hand with a strong urge to visualize this flood of overwhelming informations I get from the outside combined with my inner world of experience and ideas. For me making art is a digestive process, a transformation of this chaotic mess. And creating my own visual world is a liberating act, that gives me the illusion to overcome limitations, that helps me to get rid of dust and demons and maybe to get closer to the essence.









02.- 23.MARCH 2019



2018 Drawing Exhibition of the European Artist-Group AKROMA, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of the Latvian Museum of Art, Riga, AKROMA - Drawing Group show, Paris,  Monsters of Drawing, Feinkunst Krüger Gallery, HamburgAnonymous Drawings, Galerie am Körnerpark, BerlinUne semaine de bonté – Collagen auf Papier, Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

2017 "AKROMA - 50 artistes européens- exposition de dessins" drawing groupshow, paris, silent art auction-the drawing hub fundraiser show, the drawing hub, berlin, groupshow friendly capitalism lounge vol.16, neurotitan gallery, berlin

2016 “frida´s wall of small arts” frida Galerie München, “anonymous drawings” Kunstverein Rüsselsheim 

2015 “anonymous drawings” touring exhibition, Galerie Nord/Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, artQ13, Rom, Galerie GEYSO20, Braunschweig

2013 “instant cosmic”, sedan showroom, Kyoto, japan, “ABC of tragedy”, spring#10, frappant, hamburg

2012 “don´t wake daddy – apocalypse how”, feinkunst krüger gallery, hamburg

2009 “OCHO-numero atomico”, rojo group show, rojo artspace, barcelona, “OCHO-delicate nature”, rojo group show, gallery kalpany, milano

“alter ego”, spring group show, neurotitan gallery, berlin

2008 “10 jahre feinkunst krüger”, westwerk gallery, hamburg, “mit der nase in die zukunft”, fb69 gallery, münster

transpop gallery, kyoto, japan, “junge rheinland-pfälzer künstlerinnen und künstler - emy-roeder preis 2008”, kunstverein ludwigshafen a.rh.

“alter ego”, spring#5 bookrelease & exhibition, hinterconti & vorwerkstift, hamburg

2007 “don’t wake daddy 2”,  feinkunst krüger gallery & raum 21 gallery, hamburg, “garten eden”, spring#4 bookrelease & exhibition, hinterconti & vorwerkstift, hamburg,

“garten eden”, spring#4 bookrelease & exhibition, neurotitan gallery, berlin, “o stone be not so”, revolver-gallery, düsseldorf, manga museum, kyoto, japan

2006 “sprung zurück”, spring - best of, kubasta, hamburg, “special places”, spring#3 bookrelease & exhibition, hinterconti & markthof, hamburg,

illustrative berlin 06, kunsthallen am pfefferberg, Berlin, atelier & künstler, rhein neckar kreis touring exhibition

solo exhibition, “les fantomes de ...” , feinkunst krüger gallery, hamburg

2005 “wandlungen”, spring#2 bookrelease & exhibition, markthof & vorwerkstift, hamburg, junge rheinland-pfälzer künstlerinnen und künstler - emy-roeder preis 2005, kunstverein ludwigshafen a.rh.

2004 “echolot 2”, erotic art museum, hamburg, “nachstellungen”, spring#1 bookrelease & exhibition, kunststück gallery, hamburg , “folie a deux”, diploma presentation, haw-hamburg

2002 “fairy tales”, fumetto festival, luzern, switzerland, “shakespeare und andere märchen”, kunsthalle in anklam



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